Lori Kursave Interiors

Helping you decorate your space with style

"Lori was a great help to me when we were remodeling my home.  She truly listened to my likes and dislikes.  She shopped for me giving me options to choose from while keeping my budget in mind.  Stress flew right out the window when Lori Kursave came through my front door!"                                                                   - Jill Vaughn   


"Lori knows how to help you make your house a home, a place to welcome friends and family.  She thoughtfully guided  me in choosing curtains, curtain rods, tabletop d├ęcor and granite countertop color all while taking into consideration my tastes, style, and budget.  By giving me carefully selected choices, she allowed me to feel like I was in control of decorating our home.  Thanks to her, our house is now updated and we haven't spent a fortune.  Lori's delightful personality and deep faith bring love and joy into your home.  I look forward to the times I can have her come back to help me more!"

                                                                                                      - Susan Lamb 


Lori did a fantastic job on the transformation to our home. She did a great job of re-using items that I already had in my home that I would never have thought of using in the way she did! All in all, I would have spent more money in trying to decorate my home on my own compared to paying Lori for her services because she found ways to cut costs by finding great bargains and re-using items that I already had in my home.   I highly recommend her!                                                                      

                                                                                                       - Kelly Layne